I first got interested in the subject around 1986 after seeing Death Trap on PBS and studied everything I could find on the subject, and then made my first few ill-fated attempts at growing these beautiful plants.

A friend had given me a copy of the Savage Garden in 1999 which I had read forwards and backwards and I have been successfully growing these plants since March 2003 after visiting California Carnivores.

I joined the New England Carnivorous Plant Society in October 2005 at their 3rd annual show and have been exhibiting at their annual shows since 2006. They are a great group of enthusiasts and a lotta fun to hang around.

I can occasionally be found on some of the Carnivorous Plant forums, I have accounts with, terraforums, & the ICPS forum.
Look for Quogue (that’s me)


Matthew M. Kaelin